Hands On Home Inspections Colorado Springs, Pueblo Colorado

Hands On Home Inspections Colorado Springs, Pueblo Colorado


$199 Home Inspections Colorado Springs Pueblo Colorado certified home inspector 30+ years inspection experience Colorado Springs Pueblo El Paso County

     I love looking at Houses. It was what my family did for fun. Some weekends Mom and Dad would take my brothers, sisters and me to different parts of the city and to towns nearby, and we would look at houses. Fancy mansions, cute little ones all kinds of houses. It was fun, didn't cost them much - don't have to pay to get in to an open house. That was important, I have 7 brothers and sisters. We learned a lot from it too. How to behave in other folks homes for starters. They pointed out architectural details, or how the house was orientated to take advantage of natural light. After high school I worked in the trades, some framing, electrical and lots of HVAC and gas plumbing. I've bought, fixed up and sold a few properties too.

     It all adds up to 35 plus years Hands On Experience, knowledge obtained directly by doing.
I have inspected over 10,000 properties in Colorado. Residential & Commercial properties, Trailers, Townhomes, Condos and Cabins. From up in the mountains to out by the mall... I've inspected them all! 

     So if you or yours is buying a Home in the Colorado Springs or Pueblo Colorado area - that's most of Southern Colorado - Please give me a call and maybe you will hire me as your home inspector. No mater what, the phone call and answers to your Colorado home buyer questions are always free.

You can reach me at: 719 685-5018

     I keep my overhead low and don't waste money on fluff (gold name badges, 16 color notebook binders, the yellow pages!, etc.) so I can always offer you the best price for your Home Inspection anywhere in Southern Colorado. 

     I look forward to talking with you, and looking at and inspecting your next home.

Bruce Fanning


Call me now: 719 685-5018

Winner of Thumbtack's Best Pro of 2015 Award      



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